Natural stone cladding in Northern Ireland

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Frequently asked questions

How is the stone attached?
The stone is attached using a special adhesive which is applied to the internal side of the stone cladding. This adhesive is specifically designed to hold the weight of the attaching stone. When fitted correctly, this adhesive will also act as an additional sealant on external walls.
What can stone cladding be attached to?
When fitted correctly using a suitable adhesive, stone cladding can be attached to block work, plasterboard or plywood with expanding metal. This product is perfect for existing walls as it presents a natural stone finish without having to disregard perfectly suitable pre-built structures.
How does the product work around corners?
All our natural stone ranges include a specifically shaped corner design. Natural stone pieces are selected, cut and then attached together to form an ‘L’ shaped stone piece which can be used to work around corners. This deliberate approach ensures that the natural look and feel of the product is never lost regardless of the size or shape of the project.
How does the product react to heat for example, when used around a fireplace?
Heat is not an issue when building with Deerpark Stone as our product range consists solely of genuine natural stone. Just as in nature, our genuine stone is incredibly durable when faced with testing conditions. The natural properties of our product are why we as a company have chosen to supply natural stone as opposed to alternative man-made products.
Will our walls require additional structural support?
As this is a lightweight product, no additional lentils or additional footing is required. Often, such additional support is expensive and time consuming.
My walls are already built, I already have windows fitted, is it too late to use stone cladding?

As this is a lightweight product, no additional lentils or additional footing is required. Often, such additional support is expensive and time consuming.

What is the difference between natural stone and man-made alternatives?
Our product is simple, genuine natural stone cut into suitably sized pieces and arranged into eye catching designs. Man-made alternatives are also readily available on the market, their production process often involves adding colouring agents etc to crushed natural stone and then remoulding the mixture into cladding pieces. At Deerpark Stone, we have opted only to supply 100% natural stone as this ensures the utmost quality consistently across our stone range coupled with the guarantee that each stone will be unique in design.
What is the life span of this stone?
Our stone is a genuine natural stone, no added colours or aggregates and no lengthy manufacturing process. Therefore, as in nature, this stone will withstand both the elements and the test of time. By fitting a natural product you safeguard against fading and cracking and ensure the finest quality.
Can anyone fit this product?

At Deerpark Stone we are happy to supply only, or supply and fit. Although fitting this product may not appear incredibly complicated, we believe that experience counts. When the installation process is under-estimated it may result in the product not achieving its full cosmetic impact as perhaps the fitter does not appreciate the overall design of the stone.

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